Planning Gain​

Successful planning gains are achieved through a comprehensive understanding of the planning system and regulations.  It involves comprehensive research, strategic planning and a co-ordinated approach.


There is no one stop shop to gain planning permission. The process involves the collaboration of many specialists, consultants, specifications, detailed drawings and reports that need to be coordinated and managed.  


The planning procedure can be highly complex and controversial. It is therefore imperative that proper advice is sought from the outset.  The implications of getting it wrong can have enormous financial consequences and ultimately rejected applications and missed opportunities.

Sloane Estates understand this specialist area very well.  We work closely with industry experts, including solicitors, surveyors, architects, specialist planning consultants and contractors.  All of whom have been carefully chosen to assist us in providing a co-ordinated approach, maximising objectives whilst conforming to relevant policies and legislation.  


If you would like some advice on planning gain, whether in relation to a particular piece of land or not, get in touch.