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Planning & Planning Gain

No development can occur without first ensuring compliance with current planning legislature.  The Town & Country Planning Act is the legislation at the heart of all property development in the UK.  


Planning procedure can be highly complex and controversial, especially in sensitive locations such as green belts and conservation areas and redundant commercial and industrial premises. Chances of successfully achieving the permission you want are improved if proper advice is sought from the outset.  The implications of getting it wrong can have enormous financial consequences and ultimately rejected applications and missed opportunities.


Successful planning gains are achieved through a comprehensive understanding of the planning system and regulations.  There is no one stop shop to gain planning permission. The process involves the collaboration of many specialists, consultants, specifications, detailed drawings and reports that need to be coordinated and managed.  


​Sloane Estates understand this specialist area very well.  We work closely with industry experts, including solicitors, surveyors, architects, specialist planning consultants and contractors.  All of whom have been carefully chosen to assist us in providing a co-ordinated approach, whilst conforming to relevant policies and legislation.  

We are always seeking new development opportunities.  If you have land or a building you think has development potential or even a failed application, we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact us for an informal, confidential discussion and an initial valuation of your land's potential.  


We can consider a variety of potential options from outright unconditional purchase, to joint ventures with property and land owners.  We can even carry out all the necessary feasibility studies, design and planning work at our own cost if needed.  Everything is open-book basis, transparent and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please see our Working with land and property owners Page


We pride ourselves on well-planned developments that are sympathetic to the local environment.  We take into consideration local architecture, building styles and planning requirements, that suit the local community. We will also always seek to understand and pay attention to any sensitivities and concerns of the community.


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