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Sloane Estates approach to sustainability is to evaluate and focus on the positive impact we make in society and in people’s lives through sustainable practices.  We set high standards for environmental protection and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the development projects are involved in.  We establish a culture of sustainability with everyone we work with.


Key elements of our sustainability strategies include

  • Planning and design work is assessed in terms of the impact it may have on local communities and the environment.

  • Endeavours to surpass environmental standards set by the government.

  • Sustainability is highlighted to our external business partners and collaborators

  • Minimisation of pollution and environmental impact.

  • Dispose of waste responsibly and use recycled and sustainable resources wherever possible.

  • Monitor our reuse and recycling of all materials in our projects for optimum sustainability.


For all projects we assess the use of environmentally friendly materials and modern methods of sustainable construction.


Where ever possible we use renewable energy products such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps as well as heat recovery ventilation systems and rainwater harvesting.  


We pride ourselves on well-planned developments that are sympathetic to the local environment.  We take into consideration local architecture, building styles and planning requirements, that suit the local community. We will also always seek to understand and pay attention to any sensitivities and concerns of the community.


We demonstrate, from a planning perspective, sustainability encompassing an economic, social and environmental perspective.

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